"Türkiyenin Ulusal ve Discount Market Tedarik Lideri"

KUMARTAŞLI GIDA which was established by İsmail KUMARTAŞLI in 1970 has grown in the poultry sector by virtue of right targets and strategies and by placing importance on professional organization and corporate structure and enhanced its power of brand name and by using technology. By following the technological developments and employing them the company has laid the foundations for a modern enterprise. Today, the company produces 2,700,000 eggs on a daily basis. With the latest investments KUMARTAŞLI GIDA has realized the first novelties in the sector. Today, the company is one of the fastest growing ones in the sector.

As a result of the R & D works realized by the company, KUMARTAŞLI GIDA has been using the latest technologies since 2002. In 2006, new poultry houses (coops) have been added to the existing ones as a result of which the production capacity of the company has increased from 350,000 eggs/day in 2008 to 1,000,000 eggs/day in 2010. At the present time, the daily production is 2,700,000 eggs. Our total chicken capacity was increased from 1,250,000 chicken to 2,000,000 chickens in 2014 and then to 3,000,000 chickens in 2019. And with the completion of our new investments, our target is to exceed a capacity of 4,500,000 chickens in the near future. All the eggs are picked and collected and then transferred to the egg processing units by virtue of automatic systems. And the membrane cracks are detected and dirty eggs are eliminated by automatic systems.

In the production range which is presented to the consumers by KUMARTAŞLI GIDA, there are 4 main types of products: eggs with Omega 3 which especially contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, eggs with DHA which has an important effect on the nerve cells and on the development of brain and ocular functions of children, eggs with Selenium which retards aging and renews cells and finally organic eggs which are obtained from chickens that are fed organically. In addition, we also have an enriched product range which includes pure brown eggs, eggs with double yolks, and XL/Jumbo size eggs for those who like big size eggs.

KUMARTAŞLI employs the latest technologies in the production phases. The company has reached a daily production capacity of 400 tons in its new feed plant with full automation. The raw materials which are selected with care are maintained in the silos with a capacity of 30,000 tons. In an attempt for exporting which started in the 11th month of 2009, the company has become one of the shining stars of Turkey. According to the data in 2013 the company realized exports of USD 15,000,000 and made a record as being the most eggs exporting company of the province of Afyonkarahisar. Today, the EGGS of KUMARTAŞLI are sold in the point of sales of many national chain markets and discount markets in Turkey. However, we also have exports to such countries as Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai Emirate, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and Syria some and African countries. By virtue of our logistic fleet which grows gradually every day, we reach many points in Turkey and in the world.

KUMARTAŞLI GIDA, which is one of the biggest egg producers in Turkey with its facilities where technology is heavily used has the power and capacity to provide you with the most fresh and best quality eggs. By continuously investing in new technologies and in the manpower, KUMARTAŞLI never gives up its understanding of quality, and keeps on going on its way with a steady growth trend by increasing its market share.

KUMARTAŞLI guarantees naturalness, health, and quality for the consumers. If the brand name KUMARTAŞLI is written on an egg, this means that every phase of its unique quality has been audited and reached your table in a healthy manner. In short KUMARTAŞLI means quality and confidence.

Our Philoshopy


Our mission is to become a worldwide accessible company whose healthy, nutritive, economical, delicious products rich with protein are commonly used by everyone and which adds value to our country.


  • Developing others when developing itself,
  • Being specialized in each step of our business from animal feed to production and packaging,
  • Considering the proposals of consumers, approaching their thoughts and needs with solutions
  • Committed to sustainability, and creating differences in the sector,
  • Becoming a brand name of eggs globally which is 100% native, reliable, entrepreneurial, and first brand name of eggs to remember

Quality Certificates


Honorary President

İsmail Kumartaşlı was born in 1943 in Afyonkarahisar as the son of Yemenci Haci Mehmet Kumartaşlı. He completed his primary education in the primary school called Dumlupınar, and then he completed his junior high school and high school educations in the Vocational High School of Afyonkarahisar.

He started out his business life in the shoe workshop of his father Haci Mehmet Kumartaşlı. He fulfilled and completed his military service in 1964 in Erzincan. İsmail Kumartaşlı went into the professional business life between 1966 and 1968 in the transportation sector.

Later on İsmail Kumartaşlı decided to continue with his business life in the poultry sector. In 1970, he entered into the poultry sector with 300 laying chickens. He purchased 2,500 laying chickens in 1972 together with their poultry houses (coops), and started selling the eggs from... Devamını Oku


Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mehmet KUMARTAŞLI was born in 1972 in Afyonkarahisar. After completing his education he fulfilled and completed his military service in İzmir in 1993. After completing his military service in 1993, he took over the business from his father İsmail Kumartaşlı. At that time he started the business with 40,000 chickens in the poultry sector. The enterprise, being famous for managing the crises well and for the bravery and vision of the owners in the business life continues with its production under the brand name “Kumartaşlı” with a capacity of 2,700,000 chickens, and it is one of the most important egg production companies in the region.
Mehmet KUMARTAŞLI is presently an active member of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Commodity Exchange of Afyonkarahisar, and vice-chairman of the sports club Afyonspor. Mehmet KUMARTAŞLI is one of the most important figures of the sector and he is married and has four children.

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